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Who We are

Discover Wayanad is the result of an idea which could revolutionize your travel experience. Our roots are in Wayanad, but we pursue global aspirations bridging the gap of tourism possibilities in Wayanad. Our connectivity to the global tourism map is all you require to make your trips an out of the world experience in Wayanad.

Various evidences like edicts and caves at Ampukuthimala point to the fact that the Wayanad region existed since the beginning of the new age civilization. However, careless deforestation poses a serious threat to the land.

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Discover Wayanad is a vibrant and ever evolving platform to plan and execute all touring activities in Wayanad, incorporating resorts, homestays,villas and all kinds of rentals. Our network of efficient executives would make sure that you glide through a smooth travel experience. We assist and fulfill exciting travel plans. Our workstation at Kalpetta, HQ Wayanad is upgraded with up-to-minute technology and super quick executives all at your service.


Our vision is to establish global business standards in travel planning and execution. We commit to develop the largest diversified travel organization in Wayanad, while retaining the true value of our unconditional commitment to trusted customers.


We are a team focused on creating unique, socially committed travel experiences, beyond your wildest imagination. Your journey may begin at home, but with us, it will always end in Wayanad!

Booking service

We sell awesome experiences, not just rooms and facilities. Whatever be your budget plans, we assure you the best possible alternatives.

Nature themes

Wayanad is blessed with the bounty of nature. We plan incredible nature theme based tour packages for you centred on wildlife sanctuaries and nature hotspots.

Ethnic products

The best takeaway from Wayanad is the ethnic forest and craft products. You could get the best of Wayanad spices and hill products, fresh and unadulterated from us.

Unique travel packages

Our well experienced team of executives prepare exciting travel packages, matching your tastes and wishes. We offer seasonal packages, so as to welcome you, any time of the year in Wayanad.

Consultancy service

We provide globally competent consultancy services for the tourism industry, both tourists and service providers, with cutting edge IT infrastructure and competent professionals.

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